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Welcome to the HeadFirst blog!

Hi! Welcome to the new HeadFirst Counseling blog. At HeadFirst one of our goals is to help change the way people talk and think about mental health by working to remove the stigma of mental illness. This blog is dedicated to that purpose- to shed a new light on mental illness and to help you understand and appreciate the complexities and uniqueness of different people, ways of being, and interacting with others. This blog will provide you with answers to the questions such as "why do I do that?" and "is that normal??" We will also be publishing quick solutions that you can implement at home to help with acting out children, rebellious teenagers, or conflicts with family members or peers. My hope is that this blog will be a valuable resource to you and your family, and will attempt to answer some of life's more complex problems and questions. Check back soon for the first article, and for now- a huge and sincere welcome from the HeadFirst team!

Let's dive in, headfirst.

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