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Children are constantly sending us signals, and sometimes those signals are difficult to read. Are they hungry? Tired? Angry? And just as soon as you learn to recognize a signal from one child, your other child will be completely different! That's the one sure thing about parenting-every child is different and has different ways of interacting with the environment. Sometimes your child is going through a rough patch and is acting out in destructive or unacceptable ways (screaming, throwing objects, the works). When your child is acting out or having an emotional meltdown, it can be very difficult to keep your cool and keep your own emotions under control.

HeadFirst Counseling can provide supportive therapy and consultations to help teach parents ways of recognizing and identifying their child's needs. We will work to help you understand your child better, and to understand yourself better- because parenting occurs within the parent-child relationship. Therapy can also help parents relieve some of their own anxiety and worries about their role as a parent. We work with parents to help them feel secure in their relationship with their child and begin to feel confident in their parenting again.


Because at the end of the day your child just needs one thing- you. When you are secure and regulated, your child will be too.


At HeadFirst we use the intervention known as Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, or CPRT. The purpose of CPRT is to facilitate the development of a more attuned, connected relationship between child and primary caretaker and for the child to have repeated experiences of feeling understood, connected, accepted and protected. We also incorporate brain-based parenting techniques aimed at helping to develop your child's brain in the most optimal way by intervening at a level your young child's brain can read and interpret.


Our parenting support services have helped parents work with their children to overcome:

  • behavioral problems

  • attachment concerns

  • sleeping issues

  • separation anxiety

  • depression

  • family conflicts

  • perfectionism

  • anxiety

  • defiant behavior

  • bullying

  • eating disorders

  • selective mutism

  • social anxiety

  • difficult peer relationships

  • parental divorce

  • grief and loss

  • and many more.



Parenting Services Offered:

Parent Consultation Sessions

In the in-office parent consultation sessions, parents and therapist discuss parenting styles and techniques, as well as updates regarding their child's progress in therapy and at home.

Home Consultation and Playroom Evaluation

Is your child primarily struggling at home? Does your child act appropriately at school but meltdowns occur the second you walk in the house? If that's the case, a home consultation may be the best fit for your needs. This involves the therapist traveling to your home (restrictions apply based on location) and observing your interactions with your child. The therapist will then give immediate feedback and helpful techniques to help parents more effectively respond and manage child behaviors at home. If requested, the therapist can also give recommendations regarding in-home playroom set-up and toy selection to ensure the home playroom has a wide selection of therapeutic, age appropriate toys.

Structured Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Sessions:

In CPRT sessions, parents will learn how to create a nonjudgmental, understanding, and accepting environment that enhances the parent-child relationship, thus facilitating personal growth and change for both the child and the parent. Parents will learn specific skills of reflective listening, recognizing and responding to the child’s feelings, therapeutic limit setting, and ways to build children’s self-esteem.

Group Parenting Talks

Not sure if your child's behaviors warrant professional help? HeadFirst Counseling can host a casual, informative group session with 3-4 different couples to answer parenting questions, give feedback on current child behaviors, and make recommendations for treatment if needed. Contact our office to inquire about the next parenting talk or set up one for you and your friends.


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