HeadFirst Counseling gives back to the greater Dallas community


At HeadFirst Counseling, giving back to the community is in our DNA. We believe that our practice should benefit the greater good of the community and add to the resources available. We believe that philanthropy is a way of life and an ongoing act of love. We also believe the statement that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts- together we can make a bigger impact than if we were to act alone.

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Mission Statement

The HeadFirst Mental Health Initiative (HMHI) was established in 2022 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to raise public awareness of the current mental health crisis in the Dallas and surrounding areas and provide mental health education and services to those most in need.



The HMHI will raise awareness of the current mental health crisis in Dallas and the surrounding area through community education, outreach, and free counseling services to improve the mental health and increase outcomes for children, adolescents, parents, and families.


In an effort to address the growing mental health crisis, in 1996 Congress passed the Mental Health Parity Act with its promise to make mental health treatment just as easy to access through group health plans as other medical services. Yet still today-nearly 30 years later- the vast majority of Americans are denied access to high-quality psychological services, and disproportionately so among underserved communities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC and Mental Health America reported surges in anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. The COVID-19 Pandemic also had a disproportionate impact on youth and racial and ethnic minorities, leading to 50% of 11-17-year-olds experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm post-pandemic (and growing).

At HeadFirst Counseling, part of our DNA resides in giving back to the community. Our HeadFirst Mental Health Initiative will provide evidence-based mental health treatments and practitioners with underserved families in need, based on the clinical and cultural preferences of both the clients and therapist at no cost to the clients.

Benefits to the client will include free high-quality, culturally sensitive mental healthcare; benefits to participating therapists will include direct clinical experience, administrative support, an opportunity to take part in a national effort to broaden mental health access, equity, and inclusion, as well as free CE offerings, opportunities for speaking engagements, and social networking events through the HeadFirst Mental Health Initiative.

Find out more through the Initiative website here.