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Teenagers are in the "in-between" phase of life- no longer children but not quite full blown adults either. We believe that means they also need their own approach to therapy. We take the best of both worlds and use non-directive activity therapy blended with traditional talk therapy with preteens and teenagers ages 10-18. Activity therapy provides adolescents with specific activities and tools to encourage expression and exploration in a safe, non-threatening way. In therapy with teenagers, specific therapeutic interventions are used to facilitate the therapeutic relationship between therapist and teen.


Counseling can be beneficial for preteens and teens for a variety of reasons, whether your adolescent is experiencing a crisis, family conflict, academic difficulties, feeling depressed or anxious, or experiencing trouble with relationships. Many teens don't want to open up to their parents for fear they will be punished, disciplined, or ignored.  Having a safe, trusted therapist for your teen to talk to provides an outlet in which they can begin to learn how to process their feelings and develop healthy coping skills. 


Adolescence is a difficult time- they are experiencing changes physically, socially, emotionally, and trying to figure out who they are. This difficult time causes most adolescents to misbehave at some time or another, but some behavioral difficulties go beyond developmentally appropriate forms of rebellion and limit-testing.  Some teens may display patterns of disruptive or harmful behaviors which not only affect the individual teen, but also his or her family and community.

Common complaints from parents regarding their teen:

  • Harming or threatening to harm self or others

  • Bullying

  • Damaging or destroying property

  • Lying or stealing

  • Consistent decline in school performance or skipping school

  • School related anxiety and stress

  • Early smoking, drinking, drug use

  • Sexually acting out or promiscuity

  • Frequent or explosive tantrums or arguments

  • Consistent hostility towards figures of authority

  • Lack of motivation

  • Loss of interest in extracurricular activities

  • Isolation or withdrawal

  • Perfectionism and social media pressure

  • Cyberbullying

  • Internet addiction

  • Excessive crying or sleeping

  • Weight gain or loss


Activity therapy helps adolescents with:

  • Anger management

  • Impulse control

  • Developing self-soothing and coping skills

  • Empathy development

  • Identification and expression of feelings

  • Identity development

  • Attachment and secure relationships

  • Peer relationships and conflict resolution

  • Increased self-esteem and self-worth

  • Self-regulation

  • Self-responsibility

Adolescent and Teen Therapy Services Offered:

Individual Activity/Talk Therapy for Adolescents and Teens

Sibling Activity Therapy Sessions

Family Therapy Sessions

Group Teen Therapy

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