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October 2016 National Bullying Prevention Month

Efforts to Decrease Bullying in Dallas, TX

It is a known fact that bullying is widespread. It is in our schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, social circles, and sometimes in our own homes. Bullying takes many forms, but the general definition is the engagement in any behavior with the intent to harm another person- emotionally, mentally, physically, or socially.

There have been a lot of new documentaries lately promoting the dangers of bullying, but this growing awareness has not yet been shown to decrease the incidence of bullying- there is much more work that needs to be done.

At HeadFirst Counseling in Dallas, we focus on exploring and challenging the underlying beliefs and attitudes behind the bullying behaviors. We focus on building a relationship with children and teens that are at risk for engaging in bullying behaviors in order to build their sense of self-esteem and self-worth. We believe the saying that ‘hurt people hurt other people.’

We work to build empathy in all children and teens so that they truly believe ALL people are worthwhile and worthy- and that no one person is any better than the other. Usually what we find is that the child engaging in the bullying behavior needs to feel this acceptance and understanding more than anyone, as they often come from a place of pain, hurt, and feeling isolated or not accepted by others.

Help us change the attitude about the way we view people. Contact our office to help your child or teen develop empathy and learn ways of caring for and getting along with others. (469) 665-9416

Laura McLaughlin is the Founder and Therapist at HeadFirst Counseling in Dallas, TX. Laura works with children, teens, and parents to foster growth and change and create an environment for families to thrive. Read more about Laura and HeadFirst Counseling at

Laura can be reached by contacting the HeadFirst Office at (469) 665-9416 or

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