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Resource- NEW Oppositional Defiant Disorder Workbook of Activities

HeadFirst Counseling founder, Laura McLaughlin, recently published a workbook for parents! The activities are geared towards children with Oppositional and Defiant Disorder (ODD) but the activities can be utilized for any child-parent dynamic to increase connection, self-esteem, positive communication, and help reduce outbursts and disruptive behaviors. Order your book below!

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ODD Workbook on Sale Now! 

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Helpful Videos

Brene Brown RSA Short Video on Empathy


At HeadFirst, we're big on connection. In this video, Brene Brown highlights the fact that connection is made through empathy, rather than sympathy. When we are able to step into someone else's shoes and experience the world from their eyes, we form a connection with that person.


Missing that connection? Click here to contact HeadFirst about working with one of our therapists to help you feel connected, understood, and accepted.

Play Therapy Works!

Video explanation of the benefits of play therapy. Recommended viewing for each parent before their child begins play therapy.


Video provided by the Association for Play Therapy (


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