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Play Therapy Back To School Special

Back to School Special!

Have you been wondering what play therapy is, and if it's appropriate for your child? Now is the time to try it out- for free. For the month of September 2016, HeadFirst Counseling is offering a free initial parent consultation ($125 value!!) for parents interested in learning more about play therapy to determine if it is a good fit for their child.

Play therapy is appropriate for children that are acting out emotionally, physically, or are having difficulty in relationships. Play therapy helps children learn to self-regulate, modify behavior, and identify and express feelings.

Once a child feels supported and safe in the play therapy room, they are able to find alternative and appropriate ways of getting their needs met and the misbehavior is no longer needed.

Play therapy is beneficial for children that are displaying symptoms related to anxiety, stress, trauma, abuse, defiant behavior, ADHD, and other social and emotional concerns.

Give our office a call at (469) 665-9416 to schedule the free initial parent consultation for September!

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