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Creative Arts Expression for Increased Regulation and Creativity in Children

Increase your child's sense of imagination and creativity with expressive arts activities.

Children are born to explore their world. They learn through moving and experimentation. They develop new ways of interacting with their environment based on trying things out and judging the reaction or response.

One way to promote healthy exploration and creativity in children is through offering unstructured play time and incorporating expressive arts activities. Finger painting, modeling clay, play doh, and coloring are easy activities that even very young children can begin doing. We love using finger paints in our play sessions as a great sensory experience for children, which teaches fine motor control and emotional regulation. Doing expressive art activities with your child helps connect and integrate the left and right hemispheres in the developing child's brain, promoting greater overall wellness.

We love eco friendly art materials that are free of toxic chemicals. Eco-kids materials use all natural fruit and vegetable powders in their materials, making them safe for all ages! No need to worry about your little ones putting them in their mouth as your toddler plays.

Art activities are also a great way for parents and children to interact together and gives parents an opportunity to become attuned and connected with their child through a shared fun and playful experience.

Contact our office to learn more about ways to connect with your child and develop an attuned relationship to foster your child's social and emotional learning.

Laura McLaughlin is the Founder and Therapist at HeadFirst Counseling in Dallas, TX. Laura works with children, teens, and parents to foster secure attachments and create an environment for families to thrive. Read more about Laura and HeadFirst Counseling at

Laura can be reached by contacting the HeadFirst Office at (469) 665-9416 or

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