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Parenting and Adoption Resources in Dallas, TX- HeadFirst Counseling

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Parenting and Adoption Resources in Dallas, TX- HeadFirst Counseling

There has been a lot of talk during the Rio Olympics regarding Simone Biles and her parents. It was hurtful and heartbreaking to see the tweet from an NBC broadcaster discrediting Simone's parents and creating a divide between biological and adoptive parents.

Article by WashingtonPost

Despite the growing acceptance and information regarding adoption, many people still have a hard time accepting that adoptive parents are in fact parents. The more this topic is discussed and brought out into the open, the more we can educate people about the truth.

The term parent comes from the Latin meaning "to bring forth." At HeadFirst Counseling, we believe that anyone raising a child and helping to bring them forth into the world and become the person they are uniquely meant to be is considered a parent. We do not believe that a biological connection is needed for someone to be a parent. Whether they are biologically a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin- or no biological connection at all- if they are raising a child and providing guidance, security, and safety, then they are a parent.

HeadFirst Counseling offers specialized services aimed at helping all parents connect to their child (adopted or not) and become better able to recognize emotional cues from their child in order to respond appropriately. We use Child-Parent Relational Therapy (CPRT or filial) to help parents recognize and respond to their child’s needs, therefore reducing the child’s need to act out and misbehave in order to get needs met.

Contact our office at (469) 665-9416 or for more information about our parenting resources. Read more about our parenting services here (

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