HeadFirst Counseling gives back to the greater Dallas community


At HeadFirst Counseling, giving back to the community is in our DNA. We believe that our practice should benefit the greater good of the community and add to the resources available. We believe that philanthropy is a way of life and an ongoing act of love. We also believe the statement that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts- together we can make a bigger impact than if we were to act alone.

At HeadFirst, each of our therapists provides weekly pro bono therapy services to a client in need. Our therapists are dedicated to these services, and agree to see the client for no fee as long as services are warranted. This enables our therapists to positively affect the community by providing treatment to clients that would otherwise not be able to afford services.

To inquire about our pro bono services, or to get placed on the waiting list, contact us here or call our office at (469) 665-9416.

Annual Charity Partner

Each year, beginning in 2017, HeadFirst Counseling selects a charity partner for the year that has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of those in our community and the surrounding Dallas area. The charity partner is featured during our November Give-Back Campaign, in which HeadFirst Counseling donates 20% of the monthly profits to the designated charity partner.  Donations are also collected through our website for clients, friends, and supporters of HeadFirst Counseling wishing to make their own contribution.

2017 Charity Partner: First3Years



HeadFirst Counseling choose First3Years as the Charity Partner for 2017 to help further along the mission of both organizations- ensuring families have the tools they need to be healthy and thrive.

​​​​​​First3Years began with a group of early childhood clinicians’ genuine concern for the quality of care young children receive from their caregivers and service providers. Today that concern has become a commitment to ensure current research and best practices are at the heart of programs for young children and their families.


First3Years Programs:


  • Transform the experience of babies in foster care from traumatic to healing through the Safe Babies Program

  • Provide parenting support to teen fathers through the Just Beginning Program

  • Improve the day to day interactions babies have by supporting caregivers’ understanding of early brain development through our Professional Development and training programs.

  • Annual Impact:. 112,000 infants and toddlers & 2300 Professionals across the state


With 85% of core brain development happening by the time a child turns age three, the first 1000 days of a child’s life are critical for building a strong foundation that will last a lifetime.


First3Years is a critical community partner supporting the healthy development of babies, because what happens today, defines who they become tomorrow.