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That's a No-No: 5 Bad Parenting Habits to Avoid

Are you a parent who only wants the best for your child? Would you do anything for them? Here are 5 bad parenting habits to avoid when raising your kid.

Learning the Good from the Bad

If you're a first-time parent, you proba...

Raising resilient and positive children by fostering their development of self-esteem and self-worth.

Self-esteem is essential for healthy development in children. Without positive self-esteem, children do not grow in the most optimal manner or develop a healthy and acc...

How to Respond to Your Child’s Disruptive Behaviors

HeadFirst Counseling’s Laura McLaughlin partnered with The Tot (thetot.com) to answer all of your toughest questions about how to manage your child’s disruptive behaviors. See below for the Q&A, also featured on The To...

How to Survive a Temper Tantrum: Learning to Connect to Your Child Before You Redirect

Kids cry. A lot. Sometimes they cry for no apparent reason. Other times they cry because you have asked them to do something they do not want to do. No matter what the cause, hearing...

Unstructured Play Time and Healthy Brain Development

Using play to help your child reach optimal development.

Children are born with an innate desire to expand and explore their environment. Play is a child’s natural language and is medium for which the child assimilates...

Love and Acceptance- Our Guiding Forces in Parenting

At HeadFirst Counseling, we help parents adapt an approach to parenting their children that focuses on developing secure attachments, so that the child is able to form secure attachments with others and explore his or...

Increase your child's sense of imagination and creativity with expressive arts activities.

Children are born to explore their world. They learn through moving and experimentation. They develop new ways of interacting with their environment based on trying things out and...

New Baby and Toddlers- How to Keep Your Sanity

We’ve heard the story before. Parents give birth to an amazing boy or girl that is their entire world for the first two years of the child’s life. Then suddenly a new baby comes and the delightful 2-2 ½ year old begins acti...

Help Your Teen Reach His or Her Potential

By the time the end of summer rolls around, most parents are ready for back to school. Back to school often means back to routine, back to structure, but most importantly- back to your teens being busy and out of the house more...

Parenting and Adoption Resources in Dallas, TX- HeadFirst Counseling

There has been a lot of talk during the Rio Olympics regarding Simone Biles and her parents. It was hurtful and heartbreaking to see the tweet from an NBC broadcaster discrediting Simone's parents and...

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September 21, 2016

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