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5 Ways to Create More Empathetic Children

Are you a parent that wants to cultivate a sensitive side to your child? Monkey see monkey do in these 5 ways to create more empathetic children.

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As a parent, you've got the most important job in the world-...

A recent series by Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, has been getting a lot of attention lately. If you haven’t heard of it yet chances are your kids have. Even better chance that your middle or high schooler has already watched (or binged) the full series. Why is this importan...

Efforts to Decrease Bullying in Dallas, TX


It is a known fact that bullying is widespread. It is in our schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, social circles, and sometimes in our own homes. Bullying takes many forms, but the general definition is...

Help Your Teen Reach His or Her Potential

By the time the end of summer rolls around, most parents are ready for back to school. Back to school often means back to routine, back to structure, but most importantly- back to your teens being busy and out of the house more...

Teen Therapy- HeadFirst Counseling in Dallas, TX

Understanding Planet Teenager

Your teenager says they want more independence. You grant it, and they break the rules. You ask your teen a simple questions and it can be impossible to get a straight answer. Sometimes it may...

How to Safeguard Your Teen from Suicide



Suicide rates are on the rise, and the teen population is the most at risk. Recent data shows that while suicide is still highest for middle-aged men, the population of adolescent girls ages 10 to 14 showed the highest percentag...


April- Sexual Assault Awareness Month


This blog post is dedicated to the topic of sexual assault and sexual abuse in honor of April being the national Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It’s a topic that makes many people uncomfortable, but we can no longer afford to avo...

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What Your Teen Needs Most

September 21, 2016

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