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Learn how to navigate the complicated dynamics of divorce, and ensure your children end up happy and healthy on the other side.

It happens. Parents get divorced. One of the main reasons our clients seek out therapy services is to help navigate this difficult, overwhelmi...

Learn tips and tools to help your child overcome anxiety related to the new school year and help your child feel safe and in control.

When it comes to helping your child sleep through the night, what is the most effective method? Turns out it has a lot more to do with attachment and less to do with behavioral techniques or “crying it out.”

Attachment and Sleep Behaviors in Children

Of all the controver...

Raising resilient and positive children by fostering their development of self-esteem and self-worth.

Self-esteem is essential for healthy development in children. Without positive self-esteem, children do not grow in the most optimal manner or develop a healthy and acc...

Parenting and Adoption Resources in Dallas, TX- HeadFirst Counseling

There has been a lot of talk during the Rio Olympics regarding Simone Biles and her parents. It was hurtful and heartbreaking to see the tweet from an NBC broadcaster discrediting Simone's parents and...

Delayed Responses to Community Trauma

The brain is a very powerful thing. It protects us from things we cannot handle. When a tragedy or traumatic event strikes a community, it’s hard on all of us. Everyone responds to trauma differently and there is no right or wrong w...

Relinquishing the Term Police Brutality: Healing After the Dallas Shooting

On the evening of Thursday July 7th, 2016 during a peaceful protest against the killings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, a shooter shot and killed 5 Dallas Police Officers and injure...

Picture from www.iamthatgirl.com- You Are More Than Your Mental Illness

How HeadFirst Counseling is Working to End the Stigma

We know that the stigma around mental health is bad. Stigma prevents people from reaching out for the help they need for fear of the way they wil...

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What Your Teen Needs Most

September 21, 2016

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